• Fall is that you? Hair tips for fall!

    In the colder months to come, it's important to give your curls what they need the most... 1. Moisture! - The combination of harsh cold and dry heat from running your heating system can tend to dry you out. Make sure that you treat your scalp just as you would the rest of your skin during the wi... View Post
  • Normal VS Abnormal Shedding. What's the Difference?

    Normal everyday hair loss is a sign of healthy growing hair going through its regular life cycles. Abnormal hair loss can range from hormonal, physical, chemical, mechanical, hereditary, or emotional factors inside or outside of the body that can result in permanent damage or can be reversible wi... View Post
  • What's the LOC Method???

    What’s the L.O.C./ L.C.O Method? 🧐.The process of sealing in moisture by layering products to lock in hydration that lasts over time. Moisture comes from water. Anytime you use water on the hair, the hair cuticle responds. Warm water lifts the cuticle allowing moisture in, Hence why steaming the... View Post