Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our CEO! Let's Celebrate!

Oh yes! It's a real one's birthday today!!! It's also EARTH Day!! Earth Day means so much to us as a company because it represents our core goal of Bellemay which is to provide non-toxic hair products that are made from earth friendly ingredients! So in the spirit, we'll just call it her BEARTHday!!! (Queue the drums lol) We invite you to celebrate with us by enjoying FREE SHIPPING for the rest of April!!

That's right! It is not a game! No purchase minimum. Just check out! With everything going on right now, we just want to say THANK YOU for choosing to support a small business and we we surely do appreciate it!

   Growth is hard! In life, in business, but it's necessary. We interviewed Mercede and asked her a few questions about starting, growing, or maintaining a business during these uncertain times. Step into the mind of a CEO! Here's what she had to say!

Q: How do you maintain sanity and a clear head during this time as a business owner?

Mercede: Pray, Plan, Prioritize, and Produce! Work with what you have but also look for new opportunities in the midst of it all. Don't over analyze things and put you best towards what you CAN control. Plan your work, and work you plan! Definitely take some time to organize and reorganize your business.

Q: What is your advise for someone who's looking to start a business right now?

Mercede: Wow! Now is the time to do it! Start somewhere, small things first. Someone once told me, some of the most successful businesses were started during an economic downturn or crisis. Don't be afraid to step out and share what you can bring to the table. If there is a need for something in particular, FILL IT!

Q: What habits should one implement for success?

Mercede: Definitely to have NO FEAR! Don't be afraid to try something and the bigger part, you have to stick with it! Overnight success is not a real idea. You must consistently perform daily over a long period of time to see the results you want. Many of us have more time now that we are inside, so definitely use it wisely.

Q: Where do you see future of Bellemay after this?

Mercede: I definitely see Bellemay stronger in terms of online presence. Doing more of what we have already been doing but now being able to reach a broader audience due to the crisis. We are using our platform to spread more education and add value to those who have had to adopt this new way of life being indoors and taking their beauty practices into their own hands. We will help guide these individuals on their journey to self care.

Q: What book are you reading right now?

Mercede: I am currently reading Robert Kiyosaki's "Guide To Investing." There are definitely some golden nuggets in there especially during this time. Increase your financial health by feeding it good financial food! And this book is a great source.

So don't forget to grab your items while shipping is FREE!! Stay safe and blessed!