Can you believe it's been 3 years?!!!

Bellemay Naturals all started behind the salon chair of Master Cosmetologist, Mercede Hightower in 2016. Her passion for natural hair stems from wanting to help the very women that sit in her chair every day. Bellemay Naturals was created to address the issues that black women are having with wearing their natural hair. Education and passion combined allowed Mercede to make the dream a reality bringing quality products to the market with safe and non toxic ingredients. "It was important to me to be able to offer my clients healthy alternatives for their hair. I've seen the decline in the condition of Womens hair from chemical over processing, hair extension abuse, and neglect. I've also witnessed women starting a natural journey only to get frustrated and return back to relaxed hair. I felt it was my responsibility to educate my clients or anyone who wanted to wear their hair feely and confidently. I wanted to create a safe place for those women and serve as their personal cheerleader! It was also important to show my three daughters to be okay with who they are."

So fast forward three years, the dream is still in motion! Bellemay Naturals is still on the mission to "elevate and serve the natural hair community with quality products". You can look forward to more education, new products, and events. A revamp of our hands on classes is in the works with even more information to share. We are looking forward to the next three years and beyond of beautiful healthy hair!